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**This page contains affiliate links**

This is my resource page and here you will find all the resources I use from blogging to my favorite baking books.



Site Ground– If you are looking to start a blog or if your looking to change hosting companies Site ground is amazing.  Their process to set up is really easy to follow. The support from site ground is awesome. They are there 24/7 if you have any issues.  The support utilizes anything from instant chat to phone calls.  Hosting plans start at 3.95 a month. Since I started using them in February I have not had any big issues I have used their instant chat or their quick look up questions for things like getting my domain email set up. Everything I needed to know was right there for me and if it wasn’t I could have opted for a phone conversation.  

Courses and eBooks

Start A Mom Blog ( Suzi Whitford)-  I love Suzi and StartAMomBlog.  Her courses have helped me in so many ways. She is so down to earth and when she is teaching you it feels as if she is right there with you.  I am not a technical person so computers and me are not usually friends, but somehow I have managed to find my way through with the help of Suzi.  So if you are looking to start a blog or already have a blog but need help check out her eBooks and courses.  The ones that I have used and love are Blog By NumberThe Blog Plan, Post By Number, How To Use PicMonkey, Income Journey and Niche By Number.   

Moms make cents (Mckinzie Bean)- Mckinzie is another one I have found to be so helpful. Especially with learning about affiliate marketing.  She walks you through step by step and has visuals on how to set up your blog with affiliate links.  Her Pin to Profits Affiliate Marketing course has helped me so much in understanding exactly how to use affiliate links.

Photo Editing

Pic Monkey–  I love using Pic Monkey. Editing my pictures for my blog posts and just my everyday photos has never been so easy. Everything is laid out for you right there, from basic editing to adding in text and different fonts and colors to adding in borders.  Finding help is easy on the site as well.  They will also send out emails with new things they have added and how you can edit images for different effects. 

Other sources I love learning from

Lily Singh’s How To Be A Bawse book- This book is so amazing. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and tells you like it is and really gets you thinking of where you want yourself to be and go. I feel so motivated when I read this book and it keeps me in that mind set that I need to keep going to be able to see the results I would like to see. So if you are feeling stuck in a rut or that you are unsure of your blog or business then you should check out her book here.   If you want a good laugh then go to her YouTube and watch some of her videos. You are guaranteed a good laugh which will put you in a better mood! 🙂

Baking Resources

I love baking so I wanted to share a couple of my baking books that I absolutely love and find so helpful.

How to Cake It by Yolanda Gampp-  This book is amazing. I mean everything she bakes is amazing. But her book teaches you the basics from baking a cake to decorating the cake before you jump right into the awesomeness of her cakes.  She also has a YouTube Channel as well. You can find her book here.

Another inspiring baking author and YouTube Creator I love is Rosanna Pansino and Nerdy Nummies- She is so funny and I love watching what creations she comes up with. Her book is so simple to follow even if you are an amateur self teaching baker like me.  Everything is broken down into simple steps.  She does.’t just focus on cakes, she makes cookies, candies she even has a few DIY erasers or bath bombs. Check out this awesome book here.


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